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eSmart Schools Newsletter

Welcome to our Term 2 eSmart Schools Newsletter, and what an interesting term it has been so far! Schools have faced challenges like never before and staff, students and parents have immediately responded with great flexibility and adaptability to ensure learning keeps going while everyone is working remotely. 

As the challenge of learning and teaching from home emerged, a ubiquitous sense of collaboration across the school community developed. Schools have engaged their students with videos of heartfelt supportive messages, story-time reading, online quizzes and creatively discussed lesson plans. Families and students are responding by sending video clips of annual school celebrations carried out at home, science pracs, and STEM activities; even a cheery wave and hello from numerous school families outside their homes was creatively produced into a short video montage.  

These and other remarkable activities help to strengthen support and connection across the school community and provide a commitment to embed an environment that encourages positive behaviour both on and offline – an eSmart environment. 

During this time the eSmart team is supporting schools with guidance, advice and resources to help when things don’t work out or if new ideas need to be introduced and developed. We have been able to identify where much of the current work aligns with the eSmart framework which helps your school achieve eSmart status earlier.

Reach out to your Advisor and let us help you progress your eSmart journey contact the eSmart Helpdesk



Our weekly resource series

The eSmart team is here to help school communities with remote learning through the COVID-19 crisis. Click here to access our free weekly series of teacher, parent and student support information. New editions are published every week during Term 2, keeping you up to date with trends and guidelines.

School examples

TikTok: Guide for parents 
A parent tip sheet for the TikTok app produced by eSmart Membership school Bayswater Primary in Victoria.

Digital citizenship – user agreement presentation 
A slideshow presented to students outlining the digital technologies user agreement at Holy Rosary School in Tasmania.

Industry resources

eSafety Commissioner – 5 steps to keep students safe during online learning 
Essential tips for educators on how to keep their students safe while learning online. 

AITSL – What works in online teaching and learning 
This article identifies best practice evidence to guide teachers on setting up online learning and advice teachers can give to parents during this process. Includes general guidance as well as suggested content and resources.


eSmart’s guide to teaching online
Read our comprehensive guide to teaching well online during COVID-19. Includes tips on making tech work for you; building a culture of respect; establishing protocols online and modelling equality, care and kindness.

eSmart’s top 10 online safety tips
Our top tips for students to stay safe online – ready to be shared with your school community or it can be used to guide teachers on providing the best advice to students.

COVID-19 and its implications for protecting children online
A report by UNICEF, the World Health Organization, UNESCO and more into the implications of school closures and online learning. It outlines the benefits and risks of children working online, key issues and actions required by governments, schools and parents.

Podcast: Cyber safety during COVID-19
Alannah & Madeline Foundation CEO Lesley Podesta and AFP Assistant Commissioner Lesa Gale appear in this podcast by Nicholes Family Lawyers to discuss the effects of social isolation and online safety for children.



eSmart support meetings

Your eSmart Advisor is still available for a personalised support meeting, either over the phone or online on any platform your school is using. Book a meeting with your eSmart Advisor soon. You can contact them directly, or email our support team. Check out this flyer to learn more.

eSmart virtual learning

A series of virtual learning packages have been designed to help schools and families continue teaching digital safety remotely. Our virtual learning packages include Digital Licences, online resources, online Connect workshops and tools for your school to share across the whole school community. Get in touch for a quote or more information.

National eSmart Week – 6-12 September

Register your school now for National eSmart Week. With national registrations each year from over 1,000 schools, libraries, pre-schools, community groups and small businesses use this platform to celebrate and promote the great work done to keep young people well informed about online safety.  An Ideas Toolkit will be released later in the year to all registrants so sign up now at no cost.